Seafood Gumbo
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$ 19.95

We offer our fully cooked Seafood Gumbo. Our Gumbo is in a boli bag, all you need to do is place the pouch of gumbo in a pot, cover with water, boil the water for 8-10 mins or until hot.  Then, carefully, pour the water out, cut the bag and pour into your favorite serving bowl.  You will need to cook your own white or brown rice.  Best served with LA. French Bread and butter.  It's made by cajuns in So. La and it's .... Delicious!! Awyeeeeeee !!!  It's GOOD !!! It's a dark La. Roux made with onions, garlic, seafood stock, shrimp & crabmeat. No one will ever know you didn't spend hours preparing it yourself.  You'll receive 2 lbs. Enough to feed 4-6 people depending on your serving size. This is Authentic Cajun Gumbo !!


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