Tur-Duc-Hen Shrimp & Crawfish Complete Dinner
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$ 209.95

Leave it to those crazy Cajuns to come up with the delicacy. Imagine taking a deboned turkey, duck & chicken and combining them to make one entree! For a healthier product, we remove the fat and skin from the chicken & duck. Choose from our list of tasty, homemade stuffings, sit back and relax. You'll get, a 15 lbs. Tur-Duc-Hen, Lobster Thermidor, Seafood Gumbo, 2 lbs. Mashed Potatoes (just like your Mom use to make), Turkey & Giblet Gravy, 2 lbs. Green Bean Casserole, and New Orleans Style Bread Pudding with White Chocolate Sauce. The Tur-Duc-Hen requires cooking 4-5 hours, the side dishes need only to be heated. Feeds 8 people with enough tur-duc-hen left over for another complete meal or you can make some really GREAT TUR-DUC-HEN Sandwiches.